My daughter’s car wouldn’t start and she was upset but Roadside Samaritan saved the day! They got there in 5 minutes and gave her car a jump to get her on her way! And she said the guy was so nice!!"

P.j. Lacy  

A baby was locked in a car. Although it seemed like an hour as we entertained her and waited, it was less than ten minutes before Joel was there. Kind, non-judgemental and affordable for the real majority. Didn't charge to unlock the child. Upstanding guys!

Amy Hoffman-Orman

Locked my keys in the car at a restaurant. Filed a roadside report with my insurance co, and Joel showed up and had my car open before our food was served. Great service, thanks again!

Gary Vinyard

"Blew a tire on stadium. While struggling to put on a spare, Roadside Samaritan happened to be in the area. Lived up to the name when the driver stopped to help me out. He had the tire changed in 5 minutes. My spare was (ironically) flat, and he put air in it for me. I didn't even call the service, they just happened to be around, and I don't know what I would have done if he had not been there. I will definitely call them next time I have an issue around Columbia."

William Moore 

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